Mabo's Citizenship Journey

Mabo’s Citizenship Part 2

…continued from Part 1 (Click here for Part 1)

Mabo finally met with the attorney and received some answers.

The BAD news:  The attorney confirmed that the process to finalize the spousal immigration status will take approximately 1 year. We don’t have 1 year – we have only until August 31st when his employer is required to purchase him a one-way ticket to Japan.

The GOOD news:  Before I get to the Good News… Thank God we have an attorney who knows her stuff! And thank God that this attorney is doing this as a favor for Mabo’s HR person at his school!!! It sounded like the attorney was doing this gratis. I am not sure if the school is paying for it, but either way, there isn’t a fee being charged to Mabo for these services.  So, here is the GOOD NEWS: The attorney alerted us that there is a special visa Mabo can apply for that will allow him to work out the time on his existing work visa (June of 2015) and he can WORK ANYWHERE WITHOUT SPONSORSHIP  and the approval process of this application is only 3 months!


  1. Mabo can apply for and receive this special visa before his last day of employment on August 31, 2014 – allowing him to remain in the US until June 2015.
  2. By which time we should be able to, just barely, finalize the spousal immigration papers – giving him permanent residency or a green card or something like that, I am not sure exactly what he will get at that point, but he will be allowed to stay in the US as my spouse.
  3. And supposedly, this special visa will allow him to work ANYWHERE and not have to be sponsored. So, he can begin working for the Sport Med Trainer temp agencies in town (which pay very well) while he looks for a more permanent position.
  4. If all goes as planned, Mabo will be able to stay in the country with me and work during this process!
  5. Halleflippinlujah!

The attorney urged us to get all of these papers filed this week…so, that is what we have been doing!

I will keep you posted. (if you wish to follow this journey and receive an email when I post on it, please find the main page of this blog and FOLLOW it.)

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