About Us

My name is Jimmy and I met Mabo while Country & Western dancing at Round Up Saloon & Dancehall in Dallas Texas.

Picture it… Halloween night 2011. This little super charged Power Ranger was performing his own energetic version of a line dance; a slightly choreographed & hilarious version, none the less. The attraction started there, I didn’t even see his face because of the mask on the costume… it was his energy that attracted me (besides the C&W line dancing Power Ranger thing).

Three years later...
Three years later…

One of the top main two things that were on my list of what I was calling forth in a partner:

  1. …someone who has the capacity for happiness as deep and expansive as mine (or greater).
  2. …someone who has the capacity for love as deep and expansive as mine (or greater).

I found both of these in Mabo; along with every single one of the other items on my list. The two things missing from this list were an age (preferrably 30+ years old) and a race. I have been a white bread guy in my relationship life to that point. I was open to, “come what may…” (Come What May… one of the most beautiful songs from Moulin Rouge)

Now, mind you, this is coming from someone who was:

The Most Un-dateable Gay Man on the Planet (2008 -2011 title holder) You can read that story here: The Undateable Me.

You can read about our love story by following the link on this site or clicking here:  A C&W Dancehall Romance.  The entire first seven months of our romance was restricted, geographically, to that specific dancehall; as you read through the story, you will understand why.


We got married in August 2013 in Provincetown, MA.  And we say a humongous THANK YOU to The Supreme Court justices who overturned DOMA in the spring of 2013.  To read more about Mabo’s citizenship process, please click on the tab, MABO’S CITIZENSHIP JOURNEY found on this site.


Mabo is Japanese and came to the US at the age of 18 to go to school for sports medicine, which he did, and he also received his Master’s Degree in Physical Education. Mabo worked with the Denver Bronco’s two years in a row during training season (that’s how good he is, he was invited back a second year). Shortly after his graduation, he moved from Houston to Dallas. Little did he know, two months later he would meet the man of his dreams…um, that would be me. Yay for me!

I grew up in Royal Oak Michigan, a preacher’s son, who played football, had girl friends throughout high school and college, and was even engaged to be married, like a good preacher’s son should. My younger brother is also gay. While my life was a huge secret, my younger brother’s life never was in the closet. There isn’t a closet large enough to contain his energy! Ha! Read the first sentence in this paragraph again… Let’s just say, We had joy, we had fun. We had seasons in the sun. We have some great stories there, just finding the proper way to tell them with the least amount of collateral damage for all parties involved. haha! Oh what fun we had… Some day I will find the courage to post some of those stories.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our blog and that our journey together, and each of our individual journeys, helps you in some way on yours.


For more information about Mabo & Jimmy and their workshops, please visit peacelovejimmy.com, which has a link on the menu.


peace, love, Jimmy & Mabo


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